The “Art Residence U Divadla” building is located on quiet Krocinova Street, which connects Karoliny Svetlé and Divadelní Street and is named after the Mayor of Prague’s Old Town in 1584 – 1605, Václav Krocín of Drahobejl. Thanks to its location sitting further back towards the internal courtyard than the neighbouring buildings, “Art Residence” is sheltered from the impacts of the surrounding world by an ideal natural barrier.

The unique location of the “Art Residence” residential building in the centre – in the very heart of Prague, offers its inhabitants everything they could possibly need from modern residential housing, including good accessibility/ technical facilities (Metro stations C/A - Můstek, Národní Třída, countless tram connections), local services especially on Národní Třída (My Shopping Centre, Tesco Supermarket), and the cultural scene in the form of theatres and galleries (National Theatre and many other cultural institutions) or the endless history of Prague’s Old Town.